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Version 2012

Version 2012 Release 2

Features that are new in StyleVision Version 2012 Release 2 are listed below.


RichEdit for Authentic View: Elements in the design can be created as RichEdit components, allowing Authentic View users to mark text fragments within that element and style it using the RichEdit styling properties of Authentic View. RichEdit enables Authentic View users to specify the font, font-weight, font-style, font-decoration, font-size, color, background color and alignment of text.
Replace Parent Node OnClick With. The value of the parent node of a button or hyperlink can be selected by the Authentic View user. The SPS can be designed to modify presentation based on what the Authentic View user selects.
Supportfor IBM DB2 logical files. A logical file in IBM iSeries editions of the DB2 database represents one or more physical files. A logical file allows users to access data in a sequence or format that can be different from the physical file. Users who connect to IBM iSeries computers may encounter existing databases constructed with logical files. These were previously not accessible, but are now supported in Version 2012 Release 2.Bug fixes.


Version 2012 Release 1

Features that are new in StyleVision Version 2012 Release 1 are listed below.


Composite Styles: Composite Styles enable you to combine multiple CSS style declarations in a single style rule and to apply this combined style rule to the most frequently used design components.
Switching among external CSS Stylesheets: You can choose between using all rules in all the external CSS stylesheets associated with the SPS (in their cascading order of precedence), or the rules in one of the external CSS stylesheets.
Additional support for class selector: Dynamic selection via XPath expressions of class-selector values has been extended to RTF, PDF, and Word 2007+ output.
New SPS based on an SPS Module: A new SPS file can created that will contain an empty main template and the selected SPS file as a module.
Find in Projects: Enables project files and folders to be located quickly by searching for text strings in their names.
Support for JDBC connections to databases.
New Application API interface for Java.



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