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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server (ODBC)

This example illustrates how to connect to a SQL Server database through ODBC.



To connect to SQL Server using ODBC:

1.Start the database connection wizard.
2.Click ODBC Connections.
3.Select User DSN (or System DSN, if you have administrative privileges), and then click Add DSN_add .


4.Select SQL Server (or SQL Server Native Client, if available), and then click User DSN (or System DSN if you are creating a System DSN).


5.Enter a name and description to identify this connection, and then select from the list the SQL Server to which you are connecting (SQLSERV01 in this example).


6.If the database server was configured to allow connections from users authenticated on the Windows domain, select With Windows NT authentication. Otherwise, select With SQL Server authentication... and type the user name and password in the relevant boxes.


7.Select the name of the database to which you are connecting (in this example, Northwind).
8.Click Finish.

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