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Version 2013

Version 2013

Features that are new in StyleVision Version 2013 are listed below.


Edit XPath Expression Dialog enhancement: This dialog, which is used to enter XPath expressions in a number of design components, such as Auto-Calculations and conditional templates, has been improved. It now enables users to evaluate XPath expressions directly in the dialog. The dialog therefore now has two modes: a Builder mode and an Evaluator mode. Additionally, in Builder mode, operators and functions can be organized by functionality.
Conditional processing in tables can be set on individual columns and rows of static and dynamic tables, as well as on column and row headers. Individual columns, rows, and headers can be displayed or hidden depending on the truth of the condition. If the condition evaluates to true, the column, row, or header is displayed. Otherwise it is not.
In Design View, the Formatting toolbar has been extended to include font family, font size, foreground and background color, and the strike-through style. This allows stylesheet designers to quickly format text content in Design View.
Bug fixes



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