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Version 2011

Version 2011 Release 3

Features that are new in StyleVision Version 2011 Release 3 are listed below.


Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility: StyleVision offers support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9). CSS styles and HTML5 elements that are supported by IE 9 are supported in the SPS design interface. HTML Preview will show the IE 9 rendering of the output document. In the Properties dialog, you can modify the IE-compatibility of the SPS.
Improved support for image formats: Better support for the TIFF, SVG, and JPEG XR formats.


Version 2011 Release 2

Features that are new in StyleVision Version 2011 Release 2 are listed below.


Multiple Document Output: The output generated by the SPS can be designed to be split into multiple documents. In the design, New Document templates are created and content placed in them. Each New Document template generates a separate document in the output.
User-Defined XPath Functions: The user can define XPath functions which can be used anywhere in the document where XPath functions may be used.
Images from inline data: Images can be generated from Base-16 and Base-64 encoded text in the XML document. Consequently, images can be stored directly in the source XML document as text. An SPS can now decode such text and render the image.
ASPX Interface for Web Applications: With this feature, HTML web pages can be quickly updated. StyleVision generates, from an SPS, all the files necessary for an ASPX application. When the web page (a .aspx file) is refreshed, the source data (including any updates) is dynamically transformed via XSLT to the web page.
Combo Boxes: The design capability for combo boxes has been extended. The visible values in the dropdown list of the combo box as well as the corresponding values placed in the XML file can be separately specified.


Version 2011 Release 1

Features that are new in StyleVision Version 2011 Release 1 are listed below.


CALS/HTML Tables: The XML Tables feature of earlier versions has been improved and renamed to CALS/HTML Tables. If a CALS or HTML table structure is defined in the SPS design's DTD or schema, you can specify in the design that CALS/HTML tables should be processed. These table structures, if present in the XML instance file, will then be correctly sent to the output as tables.
New from XSLT: An SPS can be created from an XSLT-for-HTML or an XSLT-for-FO. Template structure and styling in the XSLT will be created in the SPS. You can then modify the SPS components and add content and formatting to the SPS.



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