Altova Solvency II XBRL add-in for Excel, ver. 2021 Basic Edition


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To view or change the add-in settings:


1.In the Excel ribbon, click the Solvency II tab.

2.Click Settings.


The settings you can configure are listed below.


Instance Creation

Treat invalid cell values as

Specifies whether invalid cell values should be treated as validation errors or warnings. The default value is "Error".

Treat missing Identifier as

After you create a new report, the Solvency II Report Pane contains a property called Identifier which is by default empty. This option specifies whether an empty Identifier property should trigger a validation error or a warning. The default value is "Error".



Preferred Label Language

Specifies the preferred language to be used in the headers of created worksheets. Note that the respective label resources must be defined in the taxonomy for this setting to take effect. The default value is "en".



EIOPA XBRL Filing Rules

Specifies if the additional EIOPA XBRL filing rules (as specified by the "EIOPA XBRL Filing Rules" document) should be checked. The default value is "Enabled".

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