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Altova Solvency II XBRL add-in for Excel, ver. 2022 Enterprise Edition

This command installs one or more taxonomies. Note the following:


Installing or uninstalling a taxonomy from XBRL Taxonomy Manager takes effect for all user accounts on the same computer.

Installing or uninstalling a taxonomy from XBRL Taxonomy Manager takes effect in all Altova XBRL-enabled applications installed on the same computer.

If the current taxonomy has dependencies on other taxonomies, the dependent taxonomies are also installed (or uninstalled, as applicable).



<exec> install [options] FILTER...


To specify multiple taxonomies to install, repeat FILTER as many times as necessary.




Where FILTER means one of the following:


1.A taxonomy identifier in the format <name>-<version>, for example: eba-2.10, us-gaap-2020.0. To view all the available taxonomy identifiers and versions, run the list command.

2.An .altova_taxonomies file downloaded from the Altova website.


You can also use abbreviated identifiers if they are unique, for example, eba. If you use an abbreviated identifier, this will install the latest available version of that taxonomy.



--help, --h

Display help about this command at the command line.

--silent, --s

Display only error messages. The default value is false.

--verbose, --v

Display more information during execution. The default value is false.



The following command installs the latest eba (European Banking Authority) and us-gaap (US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) taxonomies:


Linux, macOS

./taxonomymanager install eba us-gaap


TaxonomyManager.exe install eba us-gaap


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