Altova Solvency II XBRL add-in for Excel, ver. 2022 Basic Edition

Run Taxonomy Manager

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To run the XBRL Taxonomy Manager, do one of the following:


In the Solvency II ribbon, click Manage Taxonomies.

Double-click the file with the .altova_taxonomies extension downloaded from the Altova website. To open the XBRL Taxonomy Download Center in your browser, select the Solvency II ribbon. Then click Altova on the Web | Taxonomy Download.

From the Windows Control Panel, right-click the Altova Taxonomy Manager entry and select Change or Uninstall from the context menu.


After you complete the installation of Altova Solvency II XBRL add-in for Excel, the check box Invoke Altova Taxonomy Manager is available on the last page of the installation wizard.


Command line interface

To run XBRL Taxonomy Manager from a command line interface:


1.Open a command prompt window and change directory to C:\ProgramData\Altova\SharedBetweenVersions.

2.To display help at the command line, run:


TaxonomyManager.exe --help


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