Environment Window

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Environment Window

The Clients tab displays details about the clients that are currently connected to SchemaAgent Server. Connections to SchemaAgent Server are initiated by a request from the client, and must be made from the client.


The above screenshot shows that two clients, SchemaAgent Client and XMLSpy, are currently connected to SchemaAgent Server. The IP addresses of the connected clients are also listed. The number of requests made by a client is shown in the RQs column, and the time of the last request made by each client is shown in the LastRQ column.


The Configure Paths tab displays the search paths as well as the file extensions of the files the paths are searched for. Please see chapter Configuring Search Paths for details on how to configure the search paths in SchemaAgent.



To view connections to SchemaAgent Server:

In the Environment window, click the Clients tab.



To configure the search paths in SchemaAgent Server, see the following chapters in the SchemaAgent documentation for details:


Adding or Editing Search Paths
Configuring File Extensions
Reloading or Resetting Search Paths

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