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Altova's SchemaAgent technology consists of two components: a SchemaAgent server and SchemaAgent Client. A SchemaAgent server is installed either


on the same machine as SchemaAgent Client, where it serves that particular client (the LocalServer version, installed with SchemaAgent Client); or
on a network, from where it can serve multiple clients (SchemaAgent Server, separate installation from SchemaAgent Client).


SchemaAgent technology can also be used in Altova's XMLSpy® 2019 product (Enterprise and Professional Editions). XMLSpy communicates via SchemaAgent Client with either LocalServer or SchemaAgent Server.


SchemaAgent in the Altova product range

Both SchemaAgent Server and SchemaAgent Client are to be downloaded separately from the SchemaAgent download page at the Altova website and installed separately. SchemaAgent Server is available free of charge, whereas SchemaAgent Client requires a license that must be purchased from Altova.


The Altova® MissionKit™ 2019 includes the SchemaAgent product and a license key for it. The SchemaAgent Server application, however, is not included as part of the Altova® MissionKit™ 2019 packages, and must be downloaded from the SchemaAgent download page at the Altova website.


In order to use SchemaAgent with XMLSpy, SchemaAgent Client must be installed on the same machine as XMLSpy. SchemaAgent Server can be installed anywhere on the network. Once SchemaAgent Server and SchemaAgent Client are correctly installed, XMLSpy will automatically make the necessary associations. XMLSpy Enterprise Edition and XMLSpy Professional Edition (when purchased independently of Altova® MissionKit™ 2019 applications) can both use SchemaAgent.


Important: Any SchemaAgent or SchemaAgent-related product from Altova (including XMLSpy) starting with Version 2005 release 3 is not compatible with versions of SchemaAgent or SchemaAgent-related products previous to it.


File Paths

File paths given in this documentation are not the same for all operating systems. Note the following correspondences:


Documents folder: Example files are located in the folder C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Altova.
Application folder: The Application folder is the folder where your Altova application is located (by default, C:/Program Files/Altova). When Schema Agent 32-bit is installed on a 64-bit operating system, the path is C:/Program Files (x86)/Altova.

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