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Altova RaptorXML+XBRL Server 2021

This command displays detailed information for each of the taxonomies supplied as argument. The detailed information includes the title, version, description, publisher, and dependency references.



<exec> info [options] FILTER...


To specify multiple taxonomies, repeat FILTER as many times as necessary.




List only taxonomies that contain this string in their name (for example, eba or us-gaap-2020.0). You can specify this argument multiple times.


To view the full list of identifiers, run the list command.



--help, --h

Display help about this command at the command line.



The following command displays detailed information about the eba-2.10 and us-gaap-2020.0 taxonomies:


Linux, macOS

./taxonomymanager info eba-2.10 us-gaap-2020.0


TaxonomyManager.exe info eba-2.10 us-gaap-2020.0


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