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Register and Unregister Products

Before you can assign a license to an Altova product, you must register the product with LicenseServer. The registration is done from the Altova product, and the process differs according to the type of product.


Desktop products: Registration is via the the product's Software Activation dialog.
Server products that have Web UIs: Registration of FlowForce Server and MobileTogether Server is via the Web UI's Setup tab or the product's CLI.
Server products that have no Web UI: Registration of DiffDog Server, MapForceServer, RaptorXML(+XBRL) Server, and StyleVisionServer is via the CLI of these products. You will need the server name or IP Address of the machine on which LicenseServer is installed to carry out the registration.


Note:When you register a product with LicenseServer, not only is the product registered, but the machine on which the product is installed as well as the User Principal Name (UPN) of the user who registered the software is also registered. See Types of Altova Licenses for related information.


This section describes how to register different Altova products:


Register Altova Desktop Products
Register DiffDog Server
Register FlowForce Server
Register MapForce Server
Register MobileTogether Server
Register RaptorXML(+XBRL) Server
Register StyleVision Server


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