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Installation on Windows

RaptorXML Server is available for installation on Windows systems. Its installation and setup procedure is described below.


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Windows 7 SP1 with Platform Update, Windows 8, Windows 10


Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Platform Update or newer



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RaptorXML Server can be installed on Windows systems as follows:


As a separate standalone server product called RaptorXML Server. To install RaptorXML Server , download and run the RaptorXML Server installer. Follow the on-screen instructions.
As part of the FlowForce Server installation package [[ FlowForce Server is an Altova application that schedules different types of jobs, including Altova server product jobs. When installing FlowForce Server, therefore, Altova server products (including RaptorXML Server) can also be installed. Each server product will be installed in a separate program folder ]]. To install RaptorXML Server as part of the FlowForce Server package, download and run the FlowForce Server installer. Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure you check the option for installing RaptorXML Server.


The installers of both RaptorXML Server and FlowForce Server are available at the Altova Download Center (


After installation, the RaptorXML Server executable will be located by default at:




All the necessary registrations to use RaptorXML Server via a COM interface, as a Java interface, and in the .NET environment will be done by the installer. This includes registering the RaptorXML Server executable as a COM server object, installing RaptorXMLLib.dll (for Java interface usage) in the WINDIR\system32\ directory, and adding the Altova.RaptorXML.dll file to the .NET reference library.



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In order for RaptorXML Server to work, it must be licensed via an Altova LicenseServer on your network.
When you install RaptorXML Server or FlowForce Server  [[ For more information about  FlowForce Server, see the previous point, 'Installing RaptorXML Server' ]] on Windows systems, an option is available that allows you to download and install Altova LicenseServer together with RaptorXML Server or FlowForce Server  [ For more information about  FlowForce Server, see the previous point, 'Installing RaptorXML Server' ].
If an Altova LicenseServer is already installed on your network, you do not need to install another one—unless a newer version of Altova LicenseServer is required. (See next point, LicenseServer versions.)
During the installation process of RaptorXML Server or FlowForce Server  [ For more information about  FlowForce Server, see the previous point, 'Installing RaptorXML Server' ], check or uncheck the option for installing Altova LicenseServer as appropriate.


See the section, Licensing on Windows, for more information about how to register and license RaptorXML Server with Altova LicenseServer.



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Altova server products must be licensed either with the version of LicenseServer that is appropriate to the installed RaptorXML Server version, or with a later version of LicenseServer.
The LicenseServer version that is appropriate for a particular version of RaptorXML Server is displayed during the installation of RaptorXML Server. You can install this version of LicenseServer along with RaptorXML Server, or you can install LicenseServer separately.
Before installing a newer version of LicenseServer, any older one must be de-installed. The LicenseServer installer will do this automatically if it detects an older version.
LicenseServer versions are backwards compatible. They will work with older versions of RaptorXML Server.
If you install a new version of RaptorXML Server and if your installed LicenseServer version is older than the appropriate LicenseServer, install the latest version available on the Altova website.
At the time of LicenseServer de-installation, all registration and licensing information held in the older version of LicenseServer will be saved to a database on your server machine. This data will be imported automatically into the newer version when the newer version is installed.
The version number of the currently installed LicenseServer is given at the bottom of the LicenseServer configuration page (all tabs).


Current version: 3.2



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During the installation process, you will be given the option of requesting a 30-day trial license for RaptorXML Server. After submitting the request, a trial license will be sent to the email address you registered.



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The application will be installed in the following folder:


Windows 7, 8, 10

C:\Program Files\Altova\

32 bit Version on 64-bit OS

C:\Program Files (x86)\Altova\


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