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The licenseserver command registers RaptorXML Server with Altova LicenseServer.  It takes as its argument the name or IP address of the server running LicenseServer.



RaptorXML licenseserver [options] Server-Or-IP-Address


raptorxml licenseserver [options] Server-Or-IP-Address


raptorxml licenseserver [options] Server-Or-IP-Address



On successfully registering RaptorXML Server with LicenseServer, the URL of the LicenseServer web interface will be returned. Enter the URL in a browser window to access the web interface, and then go through the licensing process as described in the LicenseServer documentation.



Here's an example of the licenseserver command:


 raptorxml licenseserver


The command specifies that the machine named is the machine running Altova LicenseServer.


Click to expand/collapseCasing and slashes on the command line

RaptorXML on Windows

raptorxml on Unix (Linux, Mac)


* Note that lowercase (raptorxml) works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), while upper-lower (RaptorXML) works only on Windows and Mac.

* Use forward slashes on Linux and Mac, backslashes on Windows.



The following options are available:



Prints the result of the registration attempt as a machine-parsable JSON object.



Displays the command's help text.



Displays the version number of RaptorXML Server. The option should be placed before the command. So: raptorxml --version licenseserver.


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