xsd.NotationDeclaration objects reconstruct XML NOTATION declarations. They do not participate in validation as such. They are referenced in the course of validating strings as members of the NOTATION xsd.SimpleTypeDefinition type. An xml.ElementInformationItem or xml.AttributeInformationItem with its governing type definition or its validating type derived from the NOTATION SimpleTypeDefinition is valid only if its value was among the enumerations of such simple type. As a consequence such a value is required to be the name of a xsd.NotationDeclaration.

Base class: xsd.Component

class xsd.NotationDeclaration

Proper instances of this class will be created within RaptorXML only, instantiation from script code will throw a NotImplementedError exception.



Returns an iterator of xsd.Annotation components.


Returns the xml.ElementInformationItem representing this schema component.


Returns the value of the ‘id’ attribute as a string, or None if the schema component’s XML element doesn’t have an ‘id’ attribute.


Returns the name of the xsd.NotationDeclaration.


Returns the public identifier of the xsd.NotationDeclaration. May be None if system_identifier is not None.


Returns a xml.QName object representing the name and target_namespace pair of the component.


Retunrs the system identifier of the xsd.NotationDeclaration. May be None if public_identifier is not None.


Returns the target namespace of the xsd.NotationDeclaration.

Special methods

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