xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition components provide for uniqueness and reference constraints with respect to the contents of multiple elements and attributes.

Base class: xsd.Component

class xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition

Proper instances of this class will be created within RaptorXML only, instantiation from script code will throw a NotImplementedError exception.



Returns an iterator of xsd.Annotation components.


Returns the xml.ElementInformationItem representing this schema component.


Returns an iterator of restricted xsd.XPathExpression objects. These xsd.XPathExpression objects are relative to each element selected by a selector. Each XPath expression in the fields property must identify a single node (element or attribute), whose content or value, which must be of a simple type, is used in the constraint. It is possible to specify an ordered list of fields, to cater to multi-field keys, keyrefs, and uniqueness constraints.


Returns the value of the ‘id’ attribute as a string, or None if the schema component’s XML element doesn’t have an ‘id’ attribute.


Returns the xsd.IdentityConstraintCategory of this xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition. This property specifies the role of this xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition.


Returns the name of the xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition.


Returns a xml.QName object representing the name and target_namespace pair of the component.


Returns an xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition component if identity_constraint_category is xsd.IdentityConstraintCategory.KEYREF, None otherwise. If a value is returned, its identity_constraint_category is xsd.IdentityConstraintCategory.KEY or xsd.IdentityConstraintCategory.UNIQUE.


Returns a restricted xsd.XPathExpression relative to instances of the element being declared. This must identify a sequence of element nodes that are contained within the declared element to which the constraint applies.


Returns the target namespace of the xsd.IdentityConstraintDefinition.

Special methods

__bool__, __eq__, __ge__, __gt__, __le__, __lt__, __ne__