An xbrl.AspectSet class represents a set of XBRL aspects represented by xbrl.Aspect and xbrl.xdt.Dimension classes.

class xbrl.AspectSet

Proper instances of this class will be created within RaptorXML only, instantiation from script code will throw a NotImplementedError exception.


xbrl.AspectSet.isdisjoint(AspectSet other)

Returns True if there are no common aspects between this and the other aspect set.

xbrl.AspectSet.issubset(AspectSet other)

Returns True if the other aspect set contains all aspects present in this aspect set.

xbrl.AspectSet.issuperset(AspectSet other)

Returns True if all aspects form the other aspect set are present in this aspect set.

Special methods

__contains__, __eq__, __ge__, __gt__, __iter__, __le__, __len__, __lt__, __ne__