A beta.xbrl.xule.NamespaceDeclaration class represents a namespace declaration in the XULE parse tree.

Base class: beta.xbrl.xule.Expression

class beta.xbrl.xule.NamespaceDeclaration

Proper instances of this class will be created within RaptorXML only, instantiation from script code will throw a NotImplementedError exception.


Returns the name of the expression (rule name, function name, variable name, …) or None if the expression does not have a name.


Returns the namespace uri of this namespace declaration or None in case of the absent namespace.


Returns the prefix of this namespace declaration or None if the namespace declaration specifies the default namespace.


Returns a beta.xbrl.xule.SourceLocation object that represents the location in the original XULE source file.


Returns a beta.xbrl.xule.ExpressionType enumeration that represents the type of the expression.

Special methods

__eq__, __ge__, __gt__, __le__, __lt__, __ne__