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Altova MobileTogether Server 

Some settings cannot be made in the WebUI (see previous sections), mainly because they do not need to be changed or should be changed only if you understand their effects. These settings are stored in a a configuration file named mobiletogetherserver.cfg, which is located by default in the application data folder (see below). You can edit the .cfg configuration file in a text editor. This section contains information about important settings that are safe for you to add/edit in the configuration file.


The location of the application data folder depends on the operating system and platform, and, by default, is as follows.










Size limit of data files transmitted to server

The server is set up by default to accept files that are up to 100 MB large. Larger files are rejected. If files larger than 100 MB are expected, you can increase the size limit by specifying the max_request_body_size setting in the Listen and ListenSSL sections of the configuration file. In the listing below, the file size has been increased so that the server can accept files of up to 200 MB.






ssl= 0

admin= 0



Note:The default value of max_request_body_size is 104857600 (100 MB)—even when the setting is not listed in the configuration file.


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