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Server Procedures

This section describes important server procedures. It assumes that MobileTogether Server has already been licensed. Note, however, that in order for MobileTogether Server to be accessed, both LicenseServer and MobileTogether Server must be started and running as services.


Start Altova LicenseServer
Start MobileTogether Server
Set Up SSL Encryption
Set Administrator and Mobile Client Ports
Users and Roles
Available Privileges
Configure the Firewall
Solution Usage Statistics
Information for Clients
How to Back Up and Restore MobileTogether Server


Video demos

The links below take you to videos and blogposts on the Altova website that show how to configure MobileTogether Server.


Install and Configure MobileTogether Server: Shows how to install MobileTogether Server and Altova LicenseServer, and how to configure MobileTogether Server behind a corporate firewall
Configuring MobileTogether Server in a Network: Also explains how to set up ports so that MobileTogether Sever can be connected to from both outside and inside the network
An Altova blogpost about configuring MobileTogether Server in a network


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