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Communication with

Altova LicenseServer needs to be able to communicate with the Master Licensing Server at to validate and authenticate license-related data and to ensure continuous compliance with the Altova license agreements. This communication occurs over HTTPS using port 443. If Altova LicenseServer, after making the initial verification with the Master Licensing Server, is unable to again connect with for a duration of more than 5 days (= 120 hours), then Altova LicenseServer will no longer permit the usage of any Altova software products connected to that Altova LicenseServer. Note: LicenseServer contacts the Master LicenseServer at every 24 hours.


Any such loss of connection with the master servers will be logged in the Messages tab of the Configuration page of Altova LicenseServer. In addition, the administrator can configure the Altova LicenseServer to automatically send an alert email when the connection to is lost. Alert Mail settings are available in the Settings tab of the Configuration page.


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