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Altova MobileTogether Designer

The $Application object can take the properties listed below. The object's properties can be accessed by using the . operator. Some SPL template usage examples are given below.


sub CopyFile( byval $sSource, byval $sTarget )

   return $Application.CopyFile( $sSource, $sTarget )



sub UnzipFile( byval $sZipFile, byval $sTargetDir )

   return $Application.UnzipFile( $sZipFile, $sTargetDir )





CopyFile(sSource, sTarget)

Copies the file at the location sSource to the location sTarget.



UnzipFile(sZipFile, sTargetDir)

Unzips the ZIP archive at the location sZipFile to the directory sTargetDir.




Checks whether the file at location sFile exists. Returns 1 or 0.




Deletes the file at the location sFile.



CopyAndResizeImage(sSource, sTarget, nTargetWidth, nTargetHeight)

Copies the image file at the location sSource to the location sTarget, and resizes the copied image to the pixel dimensions given by nTargetWidth and nTargetHeight.


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