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Altova MobileTogether Designer

When you click Finish in the Generate Program Code Wizard, the Deploy App to MobileTogether Server dialog (screenshot below) appears. Fill in the data fields of the dialog as described in the description of the Deploy to MobileTogether Server command.

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On clicking OK, the following happens:


1.The workflow is deployed to MobileTogether Server.

2.Program code is generated for all the selected formats in the respective target directories that you specified.


You can now compile the generated program code for the respective formats (Android, iOS, Windows App and/or Windows Phone) into the respective AppStore Apps.


The workflow key

Each time program code is generated and the workflow is deployed to the server, a unique workflow key is assigned to the program code and to the workflow on the server. When the program code is compiled, the workflow key is stored in each of the compiled formats. This workflow key serves as the "handshake" that associates a compiled app with a particular workflow and allows the app to access the workflow.


If you run the Generate Program Code Wizard again, the program code will be re-generated and the workflow will be re-deployed to the server. The app/s and the workflow will have a new workflow key. If the newly deployed workflow overwrites the previous workflow, then previous app versions will no longer be able to access the new workflow on the server. This is because the workflow key of the previous app/s will not match the workflow key of the newly deployed workflow. Only apps generated from the new program code will be able to access the newly deployed workflow (since both have the same workflow key).


Therefore, every time you modify the solution, assign a new version number (in Screen 1 of the Generate Program Code Wizard) before generating the code and deploying the workflow to the server. This way, the previous workflow on the server is not replaced by the new workflow. Apps of the previous version can continue to use the previous workflow, while apps of the new version can use the new workflow.


Note:Even if you have not changed your design, a new unique workflow key is generated every time you run the Generate Program Code Wizard.


Note:To ensure that you do not lose compatibility between apps and workflows, we recommend that you back up your MobileTogether Server periodically. This is so that you do not lose previously deployed workflows. See the MobileTogether Server manual for information about backing up MobileTogether Server.


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