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The Get File Info action (screenshot below) adds information about the specified file (or folder) to a page source called $MT_FILEINFO. Note that there is only one $MT_FILEINFO page source per page. So, if multiple Get File Info actions are triggered during the processing of a page at run time, then $MT_FILEINFO at any given time will contain information from the last Get File Info action that was triggered.


Note:The $MT_FILEINFOT page source is also created in the design


Structure of the $MT_FILEINFO tree

The structure the $MT_FILEINFO tree is as shown in the screenshot below. The Root element has a number of attributes that will be filled with the file information of the file specified in the triggered action. Descriptions of the attributes are given below.


Path: The full path of the file being reported.

Size: The file size In bytes.

CreationTime: The time when the file was created at its current location. If a file is copied to a new location, then the time at which it was copied will be the creation time. In such cases, the creation time could be later than the WriteTime.

AccessTime: The time when the file was last accessed.

WriteTime: The time when the file was last written to.

IsDirectory: Can take a value of true or false.

IsReadOnly: Can take a value of true or false.


Note:The data read by the Get File Info action is passed to the attributes of $MT_FILEINFO/Root (as described above). The $MT_FILEINFO/Root node, however, also has child elements: repeating File elements, which receive data via another action, Read Folder. The Read Folder action fills the File elements with metadata about files in a specified folder.



An example file named ReadFolderGetFileInfo.mtd shows how to use the Get Info action (see screenshot of simulation below). This file is available in the (My) Documents folder Altova\MobileTogetherDesigner6\MobileTogetherDesignerExamples\Tutorials\Actions.

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The example works as follows:


The end user enters the name of a file in the edit field to the left of the Get File Info button.

The file name is written to the Root/File node of the $PERSISTENT tree (see screenshot).

The Get File Info button has a Get File Info action set for its OnButtonClick event that targets the file (or folder) stored in $PERSISTENT/Root/File.

On clicking Get File Info, the information of the targeted file is read and passed to the $MT_FILEINFO page source as the values of the attributes of $MT_FILEINFO/Root.

These attribute values are displayed in the cells of a static table.


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