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Altova MobileTogether Designer

The Try part of this action (see screenshot below) is used to try actions that will make a connection to the server. If the connection is not made, then the Catch part of the action is triggered. If the connection can be made, but there might be subsequent exceptions (for example if a file is not found), then you can use the Throw option to generate the exceptions (see screenshot below).


Note:The MobileTogether XPath extension function mt-external-error-text() can be used in the Catch part to display information about the server connection error.


Note:When a server connection error occurs, the first of the following actions that exists is triggered: (i) a Try/Catch Server Connection Errors action, (ii) action/s for the OnServerConnectionError event, (iii) a MobileTogether message about the error, following which the workflow is resumed.


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