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Altova MapForce 2020 Professional Edition

The JScript code listing below starts the application and shuts it down. If an instance of the application is already running, the running instance will be returned.


Note:For 32-bit MapForce, the registered name, or programmatic identifier (ProgId) of the COM object is MapForce.Application. For 64-bit MapForce, the name is MapForce_x64.Application.


// Initialize application's COM object. This will start a new instance of the application and
// return its main COM object. Depending on COM settings, a the main COM object of an already
// running application might be returned.
try {   objMapForce = WScript.GetObject("", "MapForce.Application");   }
catch(err) {}
if( typeof( objMapForce ) == "undefined" )
  try   {   objMapForce = WScript.GetObject("", "MapForce_x64.Application")   }
     WScript.Echo( "Can't access or create MapForce.Application" );
// if newly started, the application will start without its UI visible. Set it to visible.
objMapForce.Visible = true;
WScript.Echo(objMapForce.Edition + " has successfully started. ");
objMapForce.Visible = false; // will shutdown application if it has no more COM connections
//objMapForce.Visible = true;   // will keep application running with UI visible


The code listed above is available as a sample file (see JScript Examples). To run the script, start it from a command prompt window or from Windows Explorer.

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