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Value-Map component properties


ic-val-new        Click the insert icon to insert a new row before the currently active one.


ic-val-del        Click the delete icon to delete the currently active row.


ic-pencil        Click the edit icon to edit the column header.


You can also reorder lines by dragging them.


Changing the column header

Double clicking the column header, or clicking the pencil icon, allows you to edit the column name and change it to something more meaningful. This will make it easier to identify the purpose of the component, as the column names are also displayed in the mapping.



Using unique Input values:

The values entered into the input column must be unique. If you enter two identical values, both are automatically highlighted for you to enable you to correct one of them.


Having corrected one of the values, the OK button is again enabled.


Input and output datatypes

The input and result datatypes are automatically checked when a selection is made using the combo box. If a mismatch occurs, then the respective fields are highlighted and the OK button is disabled. Change the datatype to one that is supported.


In the screenshot below a boolean and string have been selected.


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