Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

This topic lists all the menu commands available in the Tools menu.

Global Resources

Opens the Manage Global Resources dialog box, where you can add, edit or delete settings applicable across multiple Altova applications (see Altova Global Resources).


Active Configuration

Allows you to select the currently active global resource configuration from a list of configurations previously defined in the Global Resources.


Create Reversed Mapping

Creates a "reversed" mapping from the currently active mapping in MapForce, which is to be the basis of a new mapping. Note that the result is not intended to be a complete mapping, only the direct connections between components are retained in the reversed mapping. It is very likely that the resulting mapping will not be valid or suitable for preview in the Output pane, without manual editing.


When you reverse a mapping, the source component becomes the target component, and target component becomes the source. If an input or output XML instance file have been assigned to a component, then they will be swapped.


The following data is retained:


Direct connections between components

Direct connections between components in a chained mapping

The type of connection: Standard, Mixed content, Copy-All

Pass-through component settings

Database components


The following data is not retained:


Connections via functions, filters, etc, along with the functions, filters, etc.

User-defined functions

Web service components



Opens a dialog box that lets you to customize the MapForce graphical user interface. This includes showing or hiding toolbars as well as customizing the menus and keyboard shortcuts.


Restore Toolbars and Windows

Resets the toolbars, entry helper windows, docked windows etc. to their defaults. MapForce needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.



Opens a dialog box where you can change the default MapForce settings. For more information, see Changing the MapForce Options.


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