SQL File Encoding Settings

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SQL File Encoding Settings

You can specify the encoding options for SQL files created or opened with SQL Editor as follows:


1.Click the DB Query tab.
2.At the top of the pane, click Options ic-sql-options, and then click General | Encoding.



Default encoding for new SQL files

Define the default encoding for new files so that each new document includes the encoding specification that you specify here. If a two- or four-byte encoding is selected as the default encoding (for example, UTF-16, UCS-2, or UCS-4), you can also choose between little-endian and big-endian byte ordering for the SQL files.


The encoding of existing files is not affected by this setting.


Open SQL files with unknown encoding as

You can select the encoding with which to open an SQL file with no encoding specification or where the encoding cannot be detected.


Note:SQL files which have no encoding specification are saved with a UTF-8 encoding.

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