Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

MapForce supports the Multiple Document Interface and allows you to group your mappings into mapping projects. This topic lists all the menu commands available in the Project menu.

Reload Project

Reloads the currently active project and switches to the Project window.


Close Project

Closes the currently active project.


Save Project

Saves the currently active project.


Add Files to Project

Allows you to add mappings to the current project through the Open dialog box.


Add Active File to Project

Adds the currently active file to the currently open project.


Create Folder

This option adds a new folder to the current project structure, and only becomes active when this is possible. See Managing Project Folders.


Generate Code for Entire Project

Generates project code for the entire project currently visible in the Project window. Code is generated in the currently selected default language for all of the mapping files *.mfd in each of the folders.


Generate Code in...

Generates project code in the language you select from the context menu.



Opens a dialog box where you can define project settings. See Setting the Code Generation Settings.


Recent projects

Displays a list of the most recently opened projects.


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