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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

Over time, it is likely that the structure of one of the components in a mapping may change e.g. elements or attributes are added/deleted to an XML schema. MapForce uses placeholder items to retain all the connectors, and any relevant connection data between components, when items have been deleted.



Using the MFCompany.xsd schema file as an example. The schema is renamed to MyCompany.xsd and a connector is created between the Company item in both schemas. This creates connectors for all child items between the components, if the Autoconnect Matching Children is active.


While editing MyCompany.xsd, in XMLSpy, the First and Last items in the schema are deleted. Returning to MapForce opens a Changed Files notification dialog box, prompting you to reload the schema. Clicking Reload updates the components in MapForce.


The deleted items and their connectors are now marked in the MyCompany component. You could now reconnect the connectors to other items if necessary, or delete the connectors.


Note that you can still preview the mapping (or generate code), but warnings will appear in the Messages window if you do so at this point. All connections to, and from, missing items are ignored during preview or code-generation.


Clicking one of the highlighted connectors and deleting it, removes the "missing" item from the component, e.g. Last, in MyCompany.



Renamed items

If a parent item is renamed e.g. Person to ZPerson, then the original parent item connector is retained and the child items and their connectors are deleted.



"Copy all" connectors and missing items

Copy all connections are treated in the same way as normal connections, with the only difference being that the connectors to the missing child items are not retained or displayed.



Renamed or deleted component sources

If the data source of a component i.e. schema, database etc. has been renamed or deleted, then all items it contained are highlighted. The red frame around the component denotes that there is no valid connection to a schema or database file and prevents preview and code generation.


Placing the mouse cursor over the highlighted component, opens a popup containing pertinent information.


Double-click the title bar of the highlighted component to open the Component Settings dialog box and select a different schema, see also Changing the Component Settings.


Clicking the Change button in the dialog box that opens if the component is a database, allows you to select a different database, or change the tables that appear in the database component. Connectors to tables of the same name will be retained.


All valid/correct connections (and relevant database data, if the component is a database) will be retained if you select a schema or database of the same structure.

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