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Functions represent a powerful way to transform data according to your specific needs. This section provides instructions on working with functions (regardless if they are built-in to MapForce, defined by you, or reused from external sources). Use the following roadmap for quick access to specific tasks related to functions:


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Add MapForce built-in functions or constants to the mapping

Add a Built-in Function to the Mapping

Add a Constant to the Mapping

Search for a Function

View a Function's Type and Description

Add or Delete Function Arguments

Create my own functions in MapForce

User-Defined Functions

Add custom XSLT functions to MapForce

Importing Custom XSLT 1.0 or 2.0 Functions

Add custom .NET DLL and Java .class libraries to MapForce

Importing Custom Java and .NET Libraries

Referencing Java, C# and C++ Libraries Manually

Write my own Java library for use with MapForce

Create a Java library

Write my own C# library for use with MapForce

Create a C# library

Write my own C++ library for use with MapForce

Create a C++ library

View all built-in MapForce functions, or look up the description of a specific function.

Function Library Reference

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