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Notifications on Missing Parent Connections

When you create connections between source and target items manually, MapForce automatically analyzes the possible mapping outcomes. If you are mapping two child items, a notification message can appear suggesting that you also connect the parent of the source item with the parent in the target item.


This notification message helps you prevent situations where a single child item appears in the Output window when you preview the mapping. This will generally be the case if the source node supplies a sequence instead of a single value.


To understand how this works, open the sample mapping Tut-OrgChart.mfd available in the <Documents>\Altova\MapForce2019\MapForceExamples\Tutorial\ folder. If you connect the source text() item to the target text() item, a notification message appears, stating that the parent item "para" is not connected and will only be generated once in the output.


Tut-OrgChart.mfd (MapForce Basic Edition)

To generate multiple para items in the target, connect the source and target para items to each other.


To disable such notifications, do the following:


1.On the Tools menu, click Options.
2.Click the Messages group.
3.Click to clear the When creating a connection, suggest connecting ancestor items check box.

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