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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

Auto Connect Matching Children

Activates or deactivates the "Auto Connect Matching Children" option, as well as the icon in the icon bar.


Settings for Connect Matching Children

Opens the Connect Matching Children dialog box in which you define the connection settings (see Connecting matching children).


Connect Matching Children

This command allows you to create multiple connectors for items of the same name, in both the source and target schemas. The settings you define in this dialog box are retained, and are applied when connecting two items, if the "Auto connect child items" icon ic-conn-child in the title bar is active. Clicking the icon switches between an active and inactive state. For further information, see Connecting matching children.


Target Driven (Standard)

Changes the connector type to Standard mapping.  For further information, see Target Driven (Standard) mapping.


Copy-all (Copy Child Items)

Creates connectors for all matching child items, where each of the child connectors are displayed as a subtree of the parent connector (see Copy-all connections ).


Source Driven (Mixed Content)

Changes the connector type to Source Driven (Mixed Content). For further information, see Source Driven (Mixed Content) mapping.



Opens a dialog box in which you can define the specific (mixed content) settings of the current connector. Unavailable options are greyed out. These settings also apply to complexType items which do not have any text nodes. For further information, see Connection settings.

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