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Altova MapForce 2020 Professional Edition

When MapForce plug-in for Visual Studio is enabled, you can access common menus and functions as shown below. This is the default setup; however, you can change, if desired, the location of menus and toolbars from the Tools | Options menu of Visual Studio.


Global Resources

MapForce Global Resources are available in the MapForce | Manage Global Resources menu of Visual Studio.


MapForce options

MapForce options are available in the Tools | MapForce Options menu of Visual Studio.


Mapping pane customization

When there is a MapForce mapping opened in the main pane of Visual Studio, the View | MapForce menu becomes available. It includes the same options as the standalone version of MapForce.


Libraries window

The MapForce Libraries window is not enabled by default in Visual Studio after you install the plug-in. If you work frequently with this window, you can enable it from the View | MapForce | Library Window menu (this menu becomes available in Visual Studio when there is a mapping file opened in the main window). Once the Libraries window is enabled, you can doc it to a particular position in the interface, like any other dockable component of Visual Studio.


The Libraries Window (Visual Studio 2017 with MapForce Enterprise edition plug-in)


Toolbar and commands customization

You can customize MapForce menus and toolbars from the Tools | Customize menu of Visual Studio.


Customize dialog box (Visual Studio 2017 with MapForce Enterprise Edition plug-in)


Help and Support

MapForce Help, Support Center, Check for Updates and About menus are available in the Help | MapForce Help menu of Visual Studio.

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