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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

MapForce validates mappings automatically, when you click the Output tab to preview the transformation result. You can also validate a mapping explicitly, before attempting to preview its result. This helps you identify and correct potential mapping errors and warnings before the mapping is run. Note that running a mapping may generate additional runtime errors or warnings depending on the processed data, for example, when values mapped to attributes are overwritten.


To validate a mapping explicitly, do one of the following:


On the File menu, click Validate Mapping.

Click the Validate ( ic-val-mapping ) toolbar button.


The Messages window displays the validation results, for example:


Messages window

When you validate a mapping, MapForce checks for the validity of the mapping (such as incorrect or missing connections, unsupported component kinds), and the validation result is then displayed in the Messages window with one of the following status icons:





Validation has completed successfully.


Validation has completed with warnings.


Validation has failed.


The Message window may additionally display any of the following message types: information messages, warnings, and errors.





Denotes an information message. Information messages do not stop the mapping execution.


Denotes a warning message. Warnings do not stop the mapping execution. They may be generated, for example, when you do not create connections to some mandatory input connectors. In such cases, output will still be generated for those component where valid connections exist.


Denotes an error. When an error occurs, the mapping execution fails, and no output is generated. The preview of the XSLT or XQuery code is also not possible.


To highlight on the mapping area the component or structure which triggered the information, warning, or error message, click the underlined text in the Messages window.


For components that transform data (such as functions or variables), MapForce validation works as follows:


If a mandatory input connector is unconnected, an error message is generated and the transformation is stopped.

If an output connector is unconnected, then a warning is generated and the transformation process continues. The offending component and its data are ignored and are not mapped to the target document.


To display the result of each validation in an individual tab, click the numbered tabs available on the left side of the Messages window. This may be useful, for example, if you work with multiple mapping files simultaneously


Other buttons in the Messages window enable you to take the following actions:


Filter the message by types (for example, to show only errors or warnings)

Move up or down through the entries

Copy the message text to the clipboard

Find a specific text in the window

Clear the Messages window.


For general information about the Messages window, see User Interface Overview.

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