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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

When working with MapForce mappings, you can preview the resulting output without having to run and compile the generated code with an external processor or compiler. In general, it is a good idea to preview the transformation output within MapForce before attempting to process the generated code externally.


When you choose to preview the mapping results, MapForce executes the mapping and populates the Output pane with the resulting output.


Once data is available in the Output pane, you can validate and save it if necessary (see Validating the Mapping Output ). You can also use the Find command (Ctrl + F key combination) to quickly locate a particular text pattern within the output file (see also Searching in Text View).


Any errors, warning, or information messages related to the mapping execution are displayed in the Messages window (see User Interface Overview ).


To preview the transformation output:


Click the Output tab under the Mapping window. MapForce executes the mapping using the transformation language selected in the Language toolbar and populates the Output pane with the resulting output.


Note:If you select C++, C#, or Java as transformation language, MapForce executes the mapping using its built-in transformation engine. The result that appears in the Output pane is the same as if the Java, C++, or C# code had been generated, compiled and executed.


To save the transformation output, do one of the following:


On the Output menu, click Save Output File.

Click the Save Generated Output toolbar button.


Partial output preview

When you are previewing large output files, MapForce limits the amount of data displayed in the Output pane. More specifically, MapForce displays only a part of the file in the Output pane, and a Load more... button appears in the lower area of the pane. Clicking the Load more... button appends the next file part to the currently visible data, and so on.

Note:The Pretty-print button becomes active when the complete file has been loaded into the Output pane.


You can configure the preview settings from the General tab of the Options dialog box (see Changing the MapForce Options).

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