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Using Relative and Absolute Paths

A mapping design file (*.mfd) may have references to several schema and instance files. The schema files are used by MapForce to determine the structure of the data to be mapped, and to validate it. The instance files, on the other hand, are required to read, preview, and validate the source data against the schema.


Mappings may also include references to StyleVision Power Stylesheets (*.sps) files, used to format data for outputs such as PDF, HTML and Word. Also, mappings may have references to file-based databases such as Microsoft Access or SQLite.


All references to files used by a mapping design are created by MapForce when you add a component to the mapping. However, you can always set or change such path references manually if required.


This section provides instructions for setting or changing the path to miscellaneous file types referenced by a mapping, and the implications of using relative versus absolute paths.

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