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Working with Multiple Mapping Windows

MapForce uses a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). Each mapping file you open in MapForce has a separate window. This enables you to work with multiple mapping windows and arrange or resize them in various ways inside the main (parent) MapForce window. You can also arrange all open windows using the standard Windows layouts: Tile horizontally, Tile vertically, Cascade.


When multiple mappings are open in MapForce, you can quickly switch between them using the tabs displayed in the lower part of the Mapping pane.


Window management options are available both on the Window menu and on the Windows dialog box. From the Windows dialog box, you can take actions against any or all currently open mapping windows (including saving, closing, or minimizing them).


Windows dialog box

You can open the Windows dialog box using the menu command Window | Windows... To select multiple windows in the Windows dialog box, click the required entries while holding the Ctrl key pressed.

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