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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

A MapForce mapping design (or simply "mapping") is the visual representation of how data is to be transformed from one format to another. A mapping consists of components that you add to the MapForce mapping area in order to create your data transformations (for example, convert XML documents from one schema to another). A valid mapping consists of one or several source components connected to one or several target components. You can run a mapping and preview its result directly in MapForce. You can generate code and execute it externally. You can also compile a mapping to a MapForce execution file and automate mapping execution using MapForce Server or FlowForce Server. MapForce saves mappings as files with .mfd extension.

To create a new mapping:

1.Do one of the following:

oOn the File menu, click New.

oClick the New ( ic_new ) toolbar button.

2.Click Mapping, and then click OK.


Your mapping is now created; however, it does not yet do anything because it is empty. A mapping requires at least two connected components to become valid, so the next step is to add components to the mapping and draw connections.

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