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Opening, Searching, and Closing Projects

MapForce project files have the *.mfp extension. You can open existing MapForce projects in the same way as you open mappings (on the File menu, click Open).


When a mapping project is opened in MapForce, the Project window shows all files and folders that have been added to the project. By default, when you run MapForce for the first time, it loads the MapForceExamples.mfp project in the Project window.



To search for files within a project:

1.In the Project window, click the project or the folder to be searched.
2.Press Ctrl + F.
3.Optionally, select your search options. For example, if you want to include folder names in the search, select the Find in folder names option.




To close a project:

On the Project menu, click Close Project.

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