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Editing and Deleting Existing Rules

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When a mapping contains rules for defaults or node functions, these are indicated by the the mf_ic_node_func_defined icon (black or red color) next to nodes of interest. You can easily view, modify, or delete such rules as shown below.

To open a default or node function for viewing or editing:

1.In the main mapping, click the mf_ic_node_func_defined icon (black or red color) next to the node of interest. This icon is present on any node where you previously defined a rule for defaults or node functions. For example, in the mapping below, rules are defined on the Articles item of the source component, and on the Rows item of the target component. You can find this demo mapping at the following path: <Documents>\Altova\MapForce2022\MapForceExamples\\OrderInUSD.mfd.


2.After you clicked the mf_ic_node_func_defined icon, observe the grid at the top, which contains a row for each default or node function that is defined on this node. Select the corresponding row, and make changes as required.


3.In case of functions, click the mf_ic_nodefunc_edit button if you want to change the implementation (mapping) of the function. If the mf_ic_nodefunc_edit button is not present, then the function is most likely defined on some ancestor. In this case, make sure that you click the mf_ic_node_func_defined icon on the item where the rule is defined (see the note below).

The mf_ic_node_func_applied icon merely indicates where the rule applies, not where it is defined. For more information about the meaning of icons, see How Defaults and Node Functions Work.

To delete a rule:

Select the rule from the grid at the top, and then click the Remove function / default ic_paramdel button.

To exit to the main mapping:

Click the Go back mf_ic_exit_door button in the upper-left corner of the Mapping pane, or press Escape.

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