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Deploying Resources to FlowForce Server

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You can deploy Global Resources created with MapForce to FlowForce Server. Upon deployment, you must choose the configuration with which the resource should be deployed to the server. If you need all configurations of the same Global Resource on the server, then you can deploy it multiple times and select the desired configuration each time upon deployment. You can also change the name of each global resource on the server, and choose the destination container on the server.


Global Resources that run other Altova applications are not supported in a server environment. For more information, see MapForce and StyleVision Transformation Result as Global Resource.


You can deploy Global Resources to FlowForce Server either at the same time when you deploy the mapping, or separately.

To deploy Global Resources to FlowForce Server:

1.On the Tools menu, click Global Resources. (Alternatively, click the Manage Global Resources ic-globrec toolbar button.)

2.Click Deploy to Server. A dialog box opens.


3.Enter the connection details to FlowForce Server (server, port, user, password, login method). These parameters are the same as the ones required when deploying a mapping, see Deploying Mappings to FlowForce Server.

4.Select a configuration from the Configuration list. This list includes all configurations from the current Global Resource file.


Only one global resource configuration can be deployed at a time. As stated before, you can deploy the same resource multiple times, with a different name, if you need all the configurations on the server.


5.Select a target path where the resource should be saved on the server. Click Browse to display a dialog box where you can select a target FlowForce container, or create a new one if required.

6.Click OK.


The outcome of deploying a Global Resource to FlowForce Server is reported in the Messages window.

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