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Altova MapForce 2020 Professional Edition

When you add a database connection as a Global Resource, a connection wizard guides you through the steps required to set up the connection, see Starting the Database Connection Wizard. Once you complete the wizard, the database connection parameters are displayed on the Global Resource dialog box.


Global Resource dialog box

On the Global Resource dialog box, it is possible to edit some of the database connection parameters. As illustrated above, the parameters are grouped into two categories:



These parameters are shared between Altova applications. In MapForce, they are used at design time, that is, when the mapping is loaded, or when you click the Output tab in MapForce to preview the mapping.

MapForce-specific execution parameters

These parameters are applicable when you generate program code or compile a mapping to MapForce Server execution file (.mfx). They are used at mapping runtime, as follows:


In generated C++, C#, or Java program code.

If you compiled the mapping to a MapForce Server execution file, and automatic JDBC conversion took place. For more information about automatic JDBC conversion, see Database mappings in various execution environments.


If a mapping uses a Global Resource to connect to a database, then the database connection details visible in the Global Resource dialog box take precedence over those defined on the mapping. In the Component Settings dialog box, illustrated below, notice that the database connection settings become grayed out. The dialog box also informs you that the connectivity parameters are defined as a Global Resource.


Component Settings dialog box

To change the database component to connect to the database directly (without using Global Resources), click Change, and follow the wizard steps to reconnect to the database.

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