Examples of Mappings with StyleVision Stylesheets

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Examples of Mappings with StyleVision Stylesheets

Many of the mappings included in the MapForce examples folder (<Documents>\Altova\MapForce2019\MapForceExamples\) have StyleVision Power Stylesheets (.sps files) assigned to their target components. When that is the case, the mapping contains the additional StyleVision preview tabs.


StyleVision preview tabs (MapForce Enterprise Edition)

One such example is CompletePO.mfd available at the following path: <Documents>\Altova\MapForce2019\MapForceExamples\CompletePO.mfd. This mapping produces a purchase order in XML format. Right-click the target component, select Properties, and notice that it has an .sps file assigned to it.



Click the Output tab to view the output data in HTML format.


HTML preview of CompletePO.mfd (MapForce Enterprise edition)

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