Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

Debugger Settings

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To access the settings applicable to the MapForce debugger, select the menu command Tools | Options, and then click Debugger. The available settings are as follows:


Maximum storage length of values

Defines the string length of values displayed in the Values window (at least 15 characters). Note that setting the storage length to a high value may deplete available system memory.


Keep full trace history

Instructs MapForce to keep the history of all values processed by all connectors of all components in the mapping for the duration of debugging. If this option is enabled, all values processed by MapForce since the beginning of debug execution will be stored in memory and available for your analysis in the Values window, until you stop debugging. It is not recommended to enable this option if you are debugging data-intensive mappings, since it may slow down debugging execution and deplete available system memory. If this option is disabled, MapForce keeps only the most recent trace history for nodes related to the current execution position.

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