Altova MapForce 2023 Professional Edition

When you type SQL statements in certain contexts, MapForce may suggest text entries automatically. Auto-completion is available in the following contexts:


SQL Editor (see Browsing and Querying Databases)

"Custom SQL" text box in the "Database Table Actions" dialog box (see Database Table Actions Settings)

"Enter a SQL SELECT statement" dialog box (see Creating SELECT Statements)



Use the Up and Down keyboard keys to navigate through the list of suggestions. To pick a suggested entry, click it or press Enter.

To disable auto-completion suggestions:

1.On the Tools menu, click Options (or press Ctrl+Alt+O).

2.Under Database, click SQL Editor.

3.Under Entry Helpers, clear the Automatically open check box.

To invoke auto-completion suggestions manually as and when required:

Press Ctrl+Space.

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