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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

You can create multiple connections between items of the same name in both the source and target components. Note that a "Copy-all" connection (see Copy-all connections) is created by default.

To toggle the "Auto Connect Matching Children" option on or off, do one of the following:

Click the Auto Connect Matching Children ( ic-conn-child ) toolbar button.

On the Connection menu, click Auto Connect Matching Children.

To change the settings for "Connect Matching Children":

1.Connect two (parent) items that share identically named child items in both components.

2.Right click the connection and select the Connect matching child elements option.


3.Select the required options (see the table below), and click OK. Connections are created for all the child items that have identical names and adhere to the settings defined in the dialog box.


Note:The settings you define here are applied when connecting two items if the Toggle auto connect of children ( ic-conn-child ) toolbar button is active.


Ignore Case

Ignores the case of the child item names.

Ignore Namespaces

Ignores the namespaces of the child items.


Creates new connections between any matching items recursively. That is, a connection is created no matter how deep the items are nested in the hierarchy, as long as they have the same name.

Mix Attributes and Elements

When enabled, allows connections to be created between attributes and elements which have the same name. For example, a connection is created if two "Name" items exist, even though one is an element, and the other is an attribute.

Create copy-all connections

This setting is active by default. It creates (if possible) a connection of type "Copy-all" between source and target items.

Ignore existing output connections

Creates additional connections for any matching items, even if they already have outgoing connections.


Retains existing connections.


Recreates connections according to the settings defined. Existing connections are discarded.

Delete all existing

Deletes all existing connections, before creating new ones.


Deleting connections

Connections that have been created using the Connect Matching Children dialog, or during the mapping process, can be removed as a group.


To delete connections:

1.Right-click the item name in the component, not the connection itself ("Person" in this example).

2.Select Delete Connections | Delete all ... connections.


Delete all direct connections

Deletes all connections directly mapped to, or from, the current component to any other source or target components.

Delete all incoming child connections

Only active if you have right clicked an item in a target component. Deletes all incoming child connections.

Delete all outgoing child connections

Only active if you have right clicked an item in a source component. Deletes all outgoing child connections.

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