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Altova MapForce 2021 Professional Edition

To aid you in the mapping process, MapForce highlights in orange the mandatory inputs in target components:


In XML and EDI components, these are items where the minOccurs parameter is equal/greater than 1.

In databases, these are fields that have been defined as "not null"

WSDL calls and WSDL response (all nodes)

XBRL nodes that have been defined as mandatory

In functions, these are the specific mandatory parameters such that once one parameter has been mapped, then the other mandatory ones will be highlighted to show that a connection is needed. E.g. once one of the filter input parameters is mapped, then the other one is automatically highlighted.

Worksheet names in MS Excel sheets



When creating a mapping like CompletePO.mfd, available in the ...\MapForceExamples folder, the inserted XML Schema files exist as shown below.


The Number element of the Customers component is then connected to the Number element of the CompletePO component. As soon as the connection has been made, the mandatory items/nodes of the CompletePO component are highlighted. Note that the collapsed "Article" node/icon is also highlighted.


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