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Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

Sometimes, you may need to configure a component to accept data from more than one source. For example, you may need to convert data from two different XML schemas into a single schema. To make the destination schema accept data from both source schemas, you can duplicate any of the input items in the component. Duplicating input is meaningful only for a component which is a target component. On any given target component, you can duplicate as many items as required.


To duplicate a particular input item, right-click it and select Add Duplicate Input After/Before from the context menu.


In the image above, the item LineItem is being duplicated in order to provide the ability to map data from a second source.


Once you duplicate an input, you can make connections both to the original input and to the duplicate input. For example, this would enable you to copy data from source A to original input, and data from source B to the duplicate input.


Note:Duplication of XML attributes is not allowed, as it would make the resulting XML instance invalid. In case of XML elements, duplicating input is allowed regardless of the value of the element's maxOccurs attribute in the schema. This behaviour is intentional, since the schema could change later, or the source data could be optional. For example, a mapping could generate a single XML element, even if the input is duplicated on the mapping.


For a step-by-step example, see Map Multiple Sources to One Target.


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