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Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

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Changing the Component Settings

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After you add a component to the mapping area, you can configure the settings applicable to it from the Component Settings dialog box. You can open the Component settings dialog box in one of the following ways:


Select the component and, on the Component menu, click Properties.

Double-click the component header.

Right-click the component header, and then click Properties.


Note that the available options depend on the type of the component. For reference to the settings applicable to each component type, see:


XML Component Settings

Database Component Settings

CSV Component Settings

Fixed-Length Field Component Settings


For any file-based component, such as XML, a File/String ( btn_file_string ) button appears next to the root node. This button specifies advanced options applicable if you want to process or generate multiple files in a single mapping (see Processing Multiple Input or Output Files Dynamically). Additionally, it enables advanced options for parsing strings or serializing data to strings (see Parsing and Serializing Strings).


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